Pablo Laguia

Hello, I'm Pablo, an easy-going person who enjoys the simple things, because I believe that the most beautiful things can be found in them. I love what's natural, what's simple, spontaneity, sincerity, and my wife, Ana, and her smile.

Together we are a team and together we enjoy many beautiful stories throughout the world.

I have been a photographer for over 15 years and even though I've had the opportunity to work in many sectors, such as fashion and documentaries, there is nothing that motivates me more than a beautiful story

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I will tell you all about my journey. And why I think you have to go inwards to be a better photographer. In this crazy industry you need to stand out, and by doing that, you’re far better off if you do what you love. You need to be real, and maybe most importantly; true to yourself. Of course I can show you how I edit my photos, my workflow and how I shoot. And I will probably do that as well. But most of all, I want to tell you how I fell in love with photography again, and how this has taken
me around the world.

James Frost

My name is James Frost. I am an International Award Winning Wedding Photographer from West Sussex, UK. I spent my younger years growing up in Spain. Inspired by my Gran-dad, this is where my passion for photography started. It wasn’t long before i picked up my own camera and fell in love with telling stories.


Bring me somewhere nice

Hi, my name is Dani Rodriguez. And yes, I am a wedding photographer. And I love my job.

Capture moments and tell stories in an emotional and aesthetic way is what I doThat is how I understand wedding photography. I am only there to tell your story. Just as it happens. Like a quiet guest who captures the most beautiful moments. Relaxed and uncomplicated as it should be. The day is taking its course and  I do not want to have any influence in what has to be done. The most beautiful and spontaneous moments happen by themselves. And those are the most important and the ones that you will never forget.

Chris Zielecki

I'm a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. But much more than that, I consider myself a traveler, an earth child, a cat cuddler, a happy and social introvert, a tea drinker, a big hearted, open minded and in some way spiritual weirdo. I believe in authenticity, imperfection and forgiveness, love and courage, passion and yearning and have a weakness for people who follow their own path away from what others think they have to do.

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Fabryka Kreatywna

As The Crossroads is a workshop held in Poland, the idea is to include every year one of the best Polish photographers in the line up in order to promote Poland and its photography.
During the last edition we were pleased with the visit of the talented Rafał Bojar and, for the next edition, Wojtek Długosz, from Fabryka Kreatywna, will be with us.
Wojtek is not only an exceptional photographer but also a lovely human being full of positive energy, we are very happy having him in the team.