I believe the hallmark of a good photographer is their ability to connect.

A good photographer should connect with their subject, and the resulting photo should connect people to a moment. That’s what memories are, after all — a link to a moment, framed by what we saw there. These connections are what make a good photo a great one.


Whether we are engaging with strangers, our children, or other family members and friends, stories help us gain a deeper understanding of each other and remember things more clearly.
That is why I love to create stories.

What I want is the people to remember the moments, emotions, connections I photograph. I don’t want people to look at them and appreciate the light and the palate of tones. I want them to look inside and see what the pictures represent, and the kind of people I photograph.

The picture is not made by the photographer, the picture is more good or less good in function of the relationship that you have with the people you photograph.



I believe am a daydreamer and I’m free. That’s the way I am and the way I want to be. I like to change. I change my mindset, my life, my dreams, my point of view, especially when I realize that I’m wrong. I’m always changing, because life doesn’t stop for anybody and I don’t like to stand still. I’m constantly looking for my own way to look at the world, so my style might not be for everyone. I’m curious, I love to learn from people I meet and to give them something back. I came to photography by “chance”, like so many wonderful things that “just happen”. The need to express myself has led me to study photography, and as I come to explore it more deeply I’ve also discovered myself.


Based in the seaport of Hamburg, Germany. For me, there is nothing like standing on the docks at night, watching the waves crush into the harbour while the city sleeps.

I was born in 1977, the year that punk rock and Star Wars came to life, and I was raised on both. I guess that explains a certain ‘rebel streak’ rather well.

I love to ride my (fixed gear) bike and the feeling of complete freedom while racing across one of Hamburg’s countless bridges or down a mountain road in a faraway country.  The exploration of the faraway and the experience of the clash and (even more so) the togetherness of cultures has greatly influenced me and my outlook on life.

My work is about connection, emotion, authenticity and equality.


I’m Daniel Alonso. I live in a small city in northern Spain. My big passion in life is family and cinema. Not in that necessary order. In 2006 I founded People as an audiovisual company dedicated to advertising and event videos. In 2010, Gloria Cavia (who years later would be my wife) joined me and in 2012 we focused exclusively on wedding photography. In 2016 we were named one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine. We’re totally focused on storytelling using slideshows to improve the client’s experience.


Since we believe that everything happens for a reason, we do not just take photos, we create cinematic stories that will stay with our couples for the rest of their lives. Stories that are candid, emotional, romantic, timeless and most of all – authentic. Tears and laughter, melancholy and exhilarating joy are all part of life. Just like there is no light without shade and no sound without silence. Our job is to observe, to trust our gut, to put in unique effort and pay attention to the tiniest detail so that an exceptional tales can be brought to life. Your story – through our work. Sometimes light, sometimes moody, sometimes unpredictably touching…




I am Kamil – a Search Engine Optimization Especialist and wedding photographer for many years. During this time, I managed to get to know the photography and wedding industry from the inside out. I am familiar with all the problems and technical aspects of our work. I’m just one of you.
For several years I have been successfully taking care of not only my website, but I also looked after websites of other photographers. Becoming familiar with the specifications of the photographer’s profession, marketing and workflow have allowed me to develop SEO strategies that work well in our specific business. I have developed unique SEO solutions that I would like to share with you.

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